21 March 2018 – Wednesday

11:00 – 19:00
Open House
16:00 – 19:00
Grand Meetup at the Square underneath the Golden Egg

Highlights of the event include:

  • Announcement of the latest expansion of our Data Studio - a data-driven innovation centre in collaboration with leading Hong Kong and global partners that will spark innovations in Smart City, Healthcare Analytics and Financial Technologies
    宣佈科學園數據工作室(Data Studio)的最新擴展──設施將作為一個以數據驅動的創新中心,與本港和世界各地的領先夥伴緊密協作,令智慧城市、醫護分析和金融科技等擦出創新火花;
  • Open house of our partner companies to share their I&T output with live demos
  • Innovation Showcase from First@SciencePark and Technologies from Science Park programs
  • Jubilation of the newest batch of Science Park incubatees at their graduation ceremony
  • Smart Campus experience to see how innovations from HKSTP's partner companies help make Science Park a living laboratory to pilot Smart City


3-2-1 Go!

We aim to gather members of our partner companies, industry associations, academia, media friends and students to visit our campus, and witness the progress accomplished collectively by all the R&D professionals inside Science Park.

Since our inception in 2001, HKSTP has dedicated ourselves to helping technology innovators and startups turn ideas into reality, while enabling a vibrant I&T ecosystem that supports their path to success. And just in the last decade alone, we've witnessed technological disruptions that were unimaginable and groundbreaking.
我們期望社會各界齊心支持創新科技,因此與夥伴公司及業界攜手,發起「創出香港 MakeITHongKong 3-2-1 Go!」開放日。我們並會邀請園區公司、行業協會、科研學者、傳媒朋友和各院校的同學們齊集科學園,參觀園區內充滿活力的創科生態圈,同為創科打氣!

Upon a solid foundation that we've built, it's now time for HKSTP to move to the next level and serve a central role in progressing Hong Kong's I&T. HKSTP lives, breathes and practises I&T. We embrace people who have the will to disrupt, and cherish those who have the courage to fail.
香港科技園公司自2001年成立以來,一直積極推動香港的創科發展,促進創新科技的萌芽、成長和應用。時至今天,園區公司已成功開發多項突破性科技,在建設更美好香港的過程中扮演重要角色。憑藉穩固的根基,我們會進一步展現「勇於改變 無懼失敗」的創科精神,把握生物醫藥科技、人工智能、智慧城市、金融科技及多個科技領域的既有優勢,捕捉創科發展的新機遇。